Friday, February 4, 2011

Catching Up...

Here we are again...I seem to be behind on a lot of things lately: behind on blogging (and several other projects), behind on cleaning, VERY behind on organizing....but I keep reminding myself that as long as I'm not behind on spending time with my babies then I'm doing o.k.! Pretty soon they'll want to play by themselves and I'll miss this!
Anna will be 6 months old in a couple days - wow, this is going fast! This picture in the exersaucer is about a month old, and she's already changed even more. She is a funny, giggly, cuddly baby! She is incredibly laid back, and rarely complains about anything (in fact, I have to be very careful to watch the clock on her feedings, because she won't let me know she's hungry until she's starving!)
Abigail is totally cracking us up! She can pretty much carry on any conversation with us, and it's really funny when, in casual conversation, she uses phrases that she hears me say..."Here's the deal, Mommy..." or "Bye! See you guys later!" She IS two and a half, and naturally there are challenges that come along with that age, but she is getting better at listening and obeying, she's working on having good manners, and the majority of our days are filled with laughter - I think she has her daddy's sense of humor!

When the January snow came, Abigail was thrilled! Casey wanted to help her "sled," so being the creative Daddy that he is, he took apart my wreath storage box and made it into a perfectly Abigail-sized sled. As you can see, though, it had a little trouble with snow collection - but she didn't seem to mind much. We took her out several times over the course of those few days, and the first thing she wanted to do was run out and scoop a handful of snow into her mouth. Of course, the day the snow falls, that's fine and dandy, but after that...I mean, we DO have dogs, and wild animals out here, etc....I finally had to forbid the random snow-eating!

Here's Anna's "snow look"...she's happy enough, considering that she can barely move! Ha ha!
Casey and Abigail brought in a huge bowl of snow and I made some snow ice cream - dairy-free, of course! It actually turned out yummy - Casey had seconds (maybe thirds??)!
We are truly having so much fun...these little girls love each other very much, and boy, do they love their daddy!!


Carrie Moore said...

I don't know what other people say, but abigail is a little traci!

Harris Family said...

Oh my goodness!! I sure love these little smiley girls! Wish we could have played in the snow together :o)