Friday, February 4, 2011

Catching Up...

Here we are again...I seem to be behind on a lot of things lately: behind on blogging (and several other projects), behind on cleaning, VERY behind on organizing....but I keep reminding myself that as long as I'm not behind on spending time with my babies then I'm doing o.k.! Pretty soon they'll want to play by themselves and I'll miss this!
Anna will be 6 months old in a couple days - wow, this is going fast! This picture in the exersaucer is about a month old, and she's already changed even more. She is a funny, giggly, cuddly baby! She is incredibly laid back, and rarely complains about anything (in fact, I have to be very careful to watch the clock on her feedings, because she won't let me know she's hungry until she's starving!)
Abigail is totally cracking us up! She can pretty much carry on any conversation with us, and it's really funny when, in casual conversation, she uses phrases that she hears me say..."Here's the deal, Mommy..." or "Bye! See you guys later!" She IS two and a half, and naturally there are challenges that come along with that age, but she is getting better at listening and obeying, she's working on having good manners, and the majority of our days are filled with laughter - I think she has her daddy's sense of humor!

When the January snow came, Abigail was thrilled! Casey wanted to help her "sled," so being the creative Daddy that he is, he took apart my wreath storage box and made it into a perfectly Abigail-sized sled. As you can see, though, it had a little trouble with snow collection - but she didn't seem to mind much. We took her out several times over the course of those few days, and the first thing she wanted to do was run out and scoop a handful of snow into her mouth. Of course, the day the snow falls, that's fine and dandy, but after that...I mean, we DO have dogs, and wild animals out here, etc....I finally had to forbid the random snow-eating!

Here's Anna's "snow look"...she's happy enough, considering that she can barely move! Ha ha!
Casey and Abigail brought in a huge bowl of snow and I made some snow ice cream - dairy-free, of course! It actually turned out yummy - Casey had seconds (maybe thirds??)!
We are truly having so much fun...these little girls love each other very much, and boy, do they love their daddy!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Two Growing Girls

Abigail's second birthday was just 2 weeks after Anna's birth. Casey stayed up the night before and put her present together - this adorable kitchen! When she woke up in the morning we took her out to the living room and showed her the new kitchen, and she was SO excited. That was definitely a worthwhile gift...she plays with it every day and I love it when she brings me something she has "cooked" for me! This pic is from that morning (hence the crazy hair)...she's talking on her new kitchen phone!
When we were talking about her birthday (ahead of time since we knew there would be a new baby), she insisted on having a butterfly cake and a party hat!
Enjoying "fie" (shaved ice) with her Nonnie and Auntie Kari...
Little Anna (Abigail calls her "Baby AH-nee") is precious, and growing so fast! Look at those cute cheeks! She pays attention to everything, and she LOVES to be talked to and sung to. She even likes to sing along!

Here's what happens when I put Anna on the Boppie to rest...

Monday, October 4, 2010

Little Anna Joy

It's about time I get these pics on here!! Anna arrived on August 6, and we are having a BLAST! She's already 8 weeks old, so she looks quite a bit different than these pictures, but maybe it won't take me months to post next time! Abigail has been a super big sister from the very beginning - Casey and I prayed a lot for her, and God definitely answered those prayers - and all the others - above and beyond what we could have hoped for!

I cannot express what a joy it is to have TWO sweet little ones, and to have the privilege of spending every day with them, watching them grow and learn and laugh! I am honestly married to the most wonderful man alive, who makes his family his highest priority, right under his relationship with the Lord!
Our two precious girls!
Kari did SUCH an awesome job taking pics, it's hard to know which ones to post! But these are a couple favorites...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Baby Sister!

Well, it's number 2 is another precious girl! We are SO excited! This week had a few little bumps, though...our ultrasound Tuesday showed a possibility of placenta previa, and the tech also seemed to think I had low amniotic fluid. But these last two days we have definitely seen God's divine intervention...
Divine intervention #1: Our OB, Dr. Singleton, is a "straight shooter" when it comes to info., but is also wonderfully calm. He did not feel that the pictures necessarily told the whole story, but wanted to double-check anyway. His reaction totally helped our peace of mind.
#2: We had to set up an appointment for an ultrasound with a specialist...something that usually takes weeks to get on the calendar. However, they "happened" to have an opening at 10 this morning!
#3: Casey was supposed to fly out early this morning for business...he called the airline and was able to get his flight changed within minutes so he could make it to my appointment!
#4: At our appointment this morning, the doctor spent a lot of time with us and checked on every aspect of our tiny girl...and EVERYTHING checked out perfectly! The placenta is a little low, but not unusually, and will continue to move up as the baby and I grow. In addition to that reassurance, we had the opportunity to see so much more of our little one than we would have, and he explained everything we were looking at - her little heart chambers, stomach, bones, spine, brain, tiny fingers and toes - all the parts our Lord has knit together. We are so thankful for what God chose to do in our lives this week, and how He chose to show Himself! And here are a couple pics of our newest addition...

Monday, March 8, 2010

Trying new things

A couple weeks ago, Abigail somehow managed to catapult from her crib with a huge crash in the middle of the night! SO, much sooner than planned, we converted to her "big girl" toddler bed. She and I stayed in her room while Daddy made the transition...she was pretty distraught at first (her bed is one of her absolute favorite things in the house), but once she saw how easy it was to get in and out on her own, she was thrilled! Bedtimes have gone much easier than I expected them to, but we've had some days with naptime challenges...overall, though, the transition has gone pretty well! Yay! One less thing to change when it's new-baby-time!
We can't go anywhere without Abigail's "nummy" (blanket)...This is usually where it is located...(needless to say, it has to be washed often!)
She is taking an interest in plates and bowls during snack times and meal times, but on this occasion she decided to try eating like Drake and Belle. Then Baby Bunny had to join Abigail for her cereal snack.

Following in mommy's footsteps...literally and figuratively! Abigail has recently decided to try walking in any shoes that get left out, and she loves playing high notes and low notes on the piano!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Way, WAY Behind

Well, these first 13 weeks of a new pregnancy have found me using any and all spare moments to clean, rest, and try not to feel pukey. In the meantime, I have missed posting a TON of cute pictures, from family holidays, to baby Selah's birth (new niece), to my growing little toddler! Hopefully in the next week or two I can at least get myself organized enough to post a few cute pics! For now, we praise God for a healthy first trimester!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Early Thanksgiving

This year we set aside the first weekend in November for the Clark family Thanksgiving. Since Cristi is getting close to her due date, we decided we'd all meet in Branson. We stayed in a 4-bedroom condo, which was perfect! We had a full kitchen, every family had their own room & bathroom, and the kids had plenty of room to play. We went on Friday, had our big meal Saturday, and returned Sunday afternoon. It was such a sweet, wonderful time - I really treasure any time we can grab with my sisters, because it seems so hard now to get us all in one place at the same time! It was especially fun to watch Michael and Abigail play, now that Abigail is old enough to interact. One of the funniest aspects of the weekend was that both Abigail and Michael are currently undergoing "sharing lessons." Abigail is only at the beginning phase of these lessons, but Michael is doing quite well. He calls her "Agigail", and he would tell us, "I share" when he was giving her one of his cars. SO CUTE!! What a great time!

Saturday we also celebrated Michael's birthday. What a cute, sweet boy! He wasn't too excited about his hat, but he was VERY excited about the dump truck that Pops and Mimi got him!! (Abigail was pretty excited about it too...another lesson in sharing...poor Michael!)

Both babies got some great Auntie and Uncle time in - we loved it, too!!

Saturday night after dinner we went down to Branson Landing. The kids loved the water show - here Abigail is watching with Auntie Kari!
Kari did some maternity shots of Cristi...this is one of my favorites.
Kari snapped pics of the kids all weekend, and boy, were we grateful! In fact, nearly all of the pics on this post (except the super grainy ones, of course) came from's my plug for!!

Sunday morning before we left, I went into our room and saw both babies had just flopped down on the floor to visit! It was so cute, I took 3 or 4 pictures.